Wednesday, 15 December 2010

░▒▓█ "They will make sure the public will lose"

I saw something of interest recently on YouTube. I didn't bother about the video, his face or whatever he's saying, because his video description was what I read first and what I thought was striking other than the title, and I believe it was just as striking enough to ignore everything else I felt was mere probing and guessing:

Overview - a gold strategy

Say a retired couple has say $200k in savings, $40k in fixed income and house paid off.

$100k silver, $100k gold

If dollar gets smashed, that $200k will skyrocket and their retirement saved
If gold and/or silver get smashed, they still have $40k to live off of, plus their reduced PM value

Goes without saying that mob empowerment especially by their system is their worst nightmare. This is an excellent piece illustrating a probability scenario on the terms of the layman and it highlighted what I thought all along - that all theories and speculations are useless because the inescapable truth is you have to make a definite non-dual decision at the end of the day and see whether you are right or not. I say this also because I think people are trying very hard to rationalise everything and be right, or to sound right most of the time, hoping they could make all the informed decisions and the educated guesses* along the way so even if things go wrong regardless and they actually destroyed their lives with their own hands they can then have some form of an excuse to pass the buck around and still not look so stupid.

*An educated guess however educated, is still a guess.

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