Wednesday, 1 December 2010

░▒▓█ This is good (you'd know why).


I was able to beat Akuma in Super Turbo with Classic Balrog (the one without the Super Bar from the original Super Street Fighter II). And this time it was abit different because it was before those elderly nerds. I was sitting in between them and the competition was light so we all just played Super Turbo in our chosen machines against the computer. And I saw them both lose to Akuma prior (they put in a second token). Oh, and one of them was the chink who used Original Ken I talked about, and the other switches between Chun-Li and DeeJay - both of whom I have also defeated.


I want to win against Akuma, with Classic Balrog, but now since winning against him is not so much of a problem to me, I begin to raise the bar on myself to collect as many total wins - which means with no lost rounds to Akuma - as I could. Humans are naturally progressive creatures I think. And it started favourably with a Double Perfect on my first opponent that is Ken. I didn't take a picture as I didn't want to look to showy and distracting even to myself and all - but it happened. In the same way as I had taught in my demonstration video on Hardest on YouTube that some of you may have seen before.

On the first round I felt a bit lucky as I was breathless in a near-death experience due to the overly intense nature of the fight but we (my Balrog and the AI's Akuma) were kinda able to mix it up for my win. I even felt in all humility that he gave it to me despite my hard work and


On the second round it was getting exciting as the big question popped in my head - can you do it? I always feel that way whenever he was about to give way and it was just one more punch to make the win and the history. Thankfully I managed to compose myself and in a calm and steady fashion I... delivered the final blow when the situation called for it. Both rounds nicely snatched.

Needless to say they both saw it, and my enthusiastic recording from my cell phone in response. But I tried to make it brief, because being too boastful in front of the elderly, just isn't very nice even though I seem to possess the skill and knowledge to reach my personal goal. They expressed a little surprise with their eyes, but remained expressionless as they went on with their game after I entered my initials.

Fool on my left:


Idiot on my right:


It wasn't their lucky day obviously. They were also pretty clueless before Akuma and had their asses nicely handed back to them.

And I think that ugly and worthless Third World shoto chink with his schoolbag who plays only the Zero and EX series with Ryu and its derivatives (I saw it was Sakura tonight but as expected he uselessly lost to the AI Rose in a five-round bout which I have a picture of - what a failure) who walked past was sour too haha. All the more power to me.


Rose's Wondrous Combo.


Oooh it's a finish!


No no no. The worthless faggot in standard mode actually gets creamed by the AI.


I looked at their scores with these other baby characters. They were high (like the one on my left that I showed you earlier), higher than mine like I care, and they were probably also partly raked up by those countless mindless versus wins, but for some reason, in 95% of the matches I witnessed these supposedly more-experienced people play they just don't seem to be able to reach Akuma that often. It's mostly M. Bison and some of them even have trouble with him. Let alone in the rare times in their lives when they reach Akuma - only to be confused and be soundly walloped for free.

It also looks like I am the one who knows the actual prerequisites after all. Super Street Fighter II Turbo is unexpectedly the game in which I can manage BOTH the hardest difficulty AI and the human competition almost as well. I'm quite satisfied, especially when it looks like most people who are involved in fighting games could handle only either one or the other. To think I hated, and I still hate this game compared to its predecessor though it's not too strong like before. Life's paradoxes are amusing.



I'm sorry I did all three.


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