Wednesday, 10 November 2010

░▒▓█ Burger Murder

"I have since tried one of the chain's Six-Dollar Burgers and must report that the Department of Justice has been notified."
Jim on his deathbed.

"The burger was great -
juicy and very tasty...
Will I eat it again? If my sense of reasoning has gone off-tangent.
The Torrent's Daily Apocalypse

"Carl's Jr.'s new burger...
ranks up there among my middle finger."

"When the burger arrived,
it didn't disappoint... Charbroiled
on the outside, juicy
on the inside, this good-quality
fast-food burger required
several children. And then a few more."
Orange Target Register

☆☆ Disclaimer: Their burgers are pretty good and are a refreshing change from the tried-and-proven MacDonald's, which explains why I often spend quite a bit on cab fares to get there before I even get to the menu. It's just that I like to make fun of just some of the things I like also.

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