Thursday, 14 October 2010

░▒▓█ Sadism exceeds all boundaries sometimes

Even though this is for fun as with all video games and enthusiasts, but I sometimes have the unfortunate propensity to, overdo things. :(

The aftermath of such irresponsible carnage can be witnessed here:

V-ism Charlie. Least-used variation in high-level nerd fights I mean tournaments where you'd get nothing really more than precious golden kudos that can be exchanged for a house by the sea and the finer things in life when you win everybody for the day - before you go home to exactly the same life tomorrow.

There is mutual respect on both sides and we are pleased to have fought.

Hee hee. Hehe is for spastic gay toothless fucks.

An unholy number for a holy man. Will take it still!

A propitious win even though R. Mika is not known or used in 99.9% of the fights.

The struggle for domination ensues.

This picture brings joy and excitement to everyone, including those corporate and political heavyweights out there.

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