Wednesday, 6 October 2010

░▒▓█ Being a God is not easy.

As I often lament. Show me one who says it is, and I will show you a liar. And the truth is - many of you may try, but, you still won't get there. That's the tragic part. So I think maybe it's better for you guys to remain as ordinary people and just content yourselves spectating the performance of a God and not dare to try and be like him, or you'd end up just feeling empty and wasted and you start crying in despair when the fact that you were all along trying to assume what you could never ever be hits you tandem in full force hahahaha. Photobucket The first win is so auspicious as it was against the cheap other-half Ken!!! Photobucket Hahaha he got chilli sauce on his face! Photobucket Photobucket Oooh what happened to the high-tiered DeeJay that has projectiles, air kicks and everything? :( Photobucket And the loser (perhaps the same person that I later saw to be a late 30s fat guy) uses Akuma. He is good with his combos and air fireballs, but. BUT. Photobucket How could THIS BE?!?!? Super Original M. Bison??!??!?! LOL?!?!?! Photobucket Priceless half-dollar moment when the dictator demands that the 2ND-placed power-crazy demon man gets lost from our face. A priceless re-creation of what transpired at the scene:Photobucket And in response to these two majestic depictions: Photobucket So apt. Photobucket I figured that Super Original Balrog would be difficult against this shotofucking Akuma as he now has an air fireball and is much more cheap compared to the shotosperms Ken and Ryu, so I thought I should use Super Original M. Bison instead. And it paid off rather nicely. Photobucket I unreservedly admit that I cocked up in the selection process (I wanted the original dictator), but I am still answerable to myself. Photobucket PhotobucketHe was crying. So was Akuma. Photobucket A third time?! Hello??? Photobucket His repetitive attempts are starting to tire and bore me. Seriously. Maybe if I used the original dictator again it wouldn't be so bad hahaha. Photobucket Oooh they and their parents say Zangief is a bad matchup for Balrog, MUCH LESS the original one, but I am still very happy to win in the end. Photobucket Photobucket ... These people really have no sense of shame. Photobucket Pffft. Photobucket Photobucket AND THIS: Photobucket Oh yes that was the chink I was talking about. I squared off with him, and defeated him. AND HIS ORIGINAL KEN. I am very satisfied. Photobucket Chilli sauce on his face again. The colouring effect is better than the Sega Mega Drive version Photobucket apparently, where the chilli sauce looked more like it was mixed with garlic. Now children, let's catch that one more time: Photobucket Photobucket Last but not least my honest and factual evaluation of the destroyed competition including this that I claim full responsibility for: Photobucket Or better yet: Photobucket Photobucket Let this night and this moment be marked forever in arcade history. Photobucket The environment is chaotic and unforgiving, but their level I'm afraid, is not even close to the Japs let alone the first stage. So they can go play hard with themselves :P ☆ Additionally the people who have lost to ME would have to face THIS music: [audio] And lastly, my personal tribute to these true heavyweight fighters: Photobucket Photobucket [audio] They have strong special moves but like I said before their charge commands hold them back (God bless you all if they aren't charge characters) and they have no projectiles either. And THIS is the game they originated from, kids: Photobucket It's a much better game than this Super Turbo add-on too, much less the bleh HD Remix. Photobucket Lovely. Photobucket Frankly I would HATE to see something like this happen. Photobucket But of course, these bastard ST versions on the other hand, can fight and kill each other for all that I care. Photobucket What don't you understand and why what? Photobucket Too bad I did it. AND despite their unpopularity and their being unfairly ignored by the rest. I could never forget you guys and what we have achieved together. Photobucket For some strange and unexplainable reason I actually feel quite the same way. Those players are Asians too, they evidently played the game since 1994 when it came out, they are pretty good themselves and they are even older than I am. And they were beaten with these characters they would never dream of, let alone the unlikely player controlling them that is me that they never could believe would emerge from nowhere in this day and age with just one year of serious playing from online and stand up against them. So more of the same wins means I'd get a nice house by the sea and a million dollars? Laugh Out Loud??? Nah, I don't need to prove anything to anybody, and I reiterate that there never was a need to in the first place. I was also recently asked if I have fought this dude Afrolegends online yet. Well, what I would say is I have heard of him, he seems pretty good at what he's doing from what I've seen, but the socialist friendship fight didn't take place yet. Goes without saying that it'd be a great honour if we ever met for an online game much less an offline one in person at the actual arcades, but that doesn't matter as I don't really care about most people and most things in life, let alone these petty trivialities. So about the half-diligent ascendancy to Godhood: [audio]Once a while a very old man would have to come out of hiding from his mountain cave and show off his humble passion to the city and rural folks, before ignoring them all and going somewhere else to have fun. ;) Photobucket A Good Golden Harvest. I am grateful.