Thursday, 9 September 2010

░▒▓█ The Way that it should be

I read with great interest an exasperated but pretty accurate comment from an American fan of SNK-Playmore (previously without Playmore) regarding the multiple betrayals towards him by those very ambitious Jap architects:

"SNK-Playmore is very much a company that operates the way they see fit and lives in the 20th century.

Thus SNK-Playmore ignores the norms and standards of the modern day. SNK Playmore is making games that would have sufficed in 1993 or even 1994."

It may be logic-defying but that's what they are: stubborn old men living in ancient caves with a primitive style of life. To an extent by which even in-their-face critics and opponents with little love for their creations let alone those equally logic-defying supporters feel smacked in the face by them and their purely absolutist ways. To a degree I also support using corporate force to monopolise and preserve existing technologies against the neverending and rapid waves of ever-changing trends, that is common yet largely uncontrolled in the West. Even if that may also sometimes mean the indirect control of the tastes of the dumb masses.

And if the norms and standards of the modern day are bad and corruptive, then why pay any heed to them? Let alone the sheep that follow them so willingly? Money isn't always everything - personal values matter much more. And SNK Playmore even as a regrouped entity still has problems overcoming its xenophobia. The Jap market is still the most important to them, and they could care less about Asia and the West - they never did.

For starters all Asian and almost all Western characters still speak very good Japanese instead of their own languages that include English, and people with no backbone from those regions still cater to them even if they are but a minority, for reasons that I do not understand, including why Mark of the Wolves is popular in the States among the minority supporters that remains a mystery. For those ignorant idiots they pull this shit off because they know their own people because of their self-delusion are actually unable to accept much less respect the various foreign languages and cultures of other peoples - their interest in these respects is generally of the very superficial kind and any deeper would make them feel alarmed and alienated as a result and they would not want to have much to do with the game. That followed by the poor netcode for their games in those and all other areas outside Japland.

People still don't get the hint of their unimportance in the eyes of these marvellous Jap architects I think, who also deliberately promote social gender confusion by their willful introductions of gaylike and gaylike androgynous characters like Benimaru Nikaido, Amakusa Shiro Tokisada and the latest hairband wearing freckle-boy Ash Crimson (do French people have such purely Anglo names other than speaking only very good Japanese I wonder) and the one-off Shion - though only in terms of gameplay they are all my favourite battle characters as they are fun to use save Ash. So for the general apathy in First World countries and the rampant reproduction propensities in Third World countries in response to their actions and that they blamed for their bankruptcy my friends and I think they pretty much deserve it. 

And while we do play SOME of them and I even buy and collect quite a few of them as well in new condition but I don't overall like their games too much compared to those made by other Jap companies (Contra beats Metal Slug just like Final Fight beats Burning Fight) but this, on their part, is really cool. You gotta let people be what they are sometimes.

Despite some of their mistakes I would even HOPE that these sunny recalcitrant monkeys would be around for a longer time because of this.

Their last game that marked the False Millennium year. Who does "You" actually represent? Anyway this was before they broadly blame-shifted their corporate failures and bankruptcy to everyone living outside Japland.

An ongoing project regardless in the True Millennium year. I admire these brave Jap architects. Erm, I'm not cynical and sarcastic. In any case I LIKE this in-game logo screen MOST. And this rock-solid game is BETTER ALSO, let alone one of the BEST. I proudly own the Sega Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation 2 versions while my good friend has the Neo Geo arcade (MVS) version. Ketuanan Coreana.

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