Wednesday, 15 September 2010

░▒▓█ A startling conversation with an insurance seller on the unsung heroes of our time.

I had a friendly chat with an insurance seller a long time ago. We touched on the usual pleasantries and on society, and then shared observations on the arcade scene and the various kinds of people we noticed in it. Naturally we went on to those fearsome and incredible urban champions who do competitive games like Street Fighter like their lives depended on it. I asked him if he would like to be one, or even for the Third World King of Fighters that he liked better. He said I need to eat, and asked me the same question. I asked if he had gone out of his mind. What a preposterous proposition! But in a joking way of course as we were both in good-natured sarcasm.

I told him about the scene in the city central. Those people who go there to play IV, Super Turbo and Zero 3 in their long-sleeved office attire - the salarymen - right after work in the evening till late at night. He was unfazed, until I asked him if they are actually anything more than humble executives or at best, managers. Would Directors and CEOs have the time to devote to playing games at the arcade after office hours? Would they show themselves so easily, and to be seen doing such a thing in such a place at such a length of time in their business garb. I told him to go think for himself.

He gave a pause, then replied that he wouldn't want to be associated with such people. Standing next to them, makes me feel nothing but disgrace, he added. His damning and yet extremist response towards them made me laugh immediately on hearing it.

This person does have some entertainment value after all.

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