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░▒▓█ A sincere apology from one of those, types.


Exclamation Rakurai's apology to the UK Fighting Games Scene

Hi everyone, Rakurai here.
Hee hee hee.

In case people... couldn't properly see the prankish Union Jack representation :P


First and foremost, I want to clear up some of the myths that have many of you have been wondering in the past few months with myself and Rudi.

I've probably in the fighting game scene for 8 years. Out of those 8 years, all of it has been dedicated to learning 3rd strike. This is a VERY long time to dedicate to a single fighting game, especially if you have been bought up learning from the arcade and competitive environments, and to be quite honest - most people would think you don't really have an excuse to be at minimum above average or considered one of the 'top' in the scene.

This is 100000000000000.0% nerd overdrive. With great experience comes great expectations. There is a saying "the higher you climb, the heavier you fall". Nobody told you to do this, and you failed to deliver - for which no tangible reward comes even if you do. If this is not stupidity then I don't know what is.

People learn at different rates,

Doesn't take a scientist to figure this out, but most people are dumb anyway, go on.

and after the events over the past few months and that humiliating 'upset' from Saturday night's 3s SVB group, it shows how some people can quite frankly rip those 8 years of experience with only 1 year's worth of training.

Why is this surprising? Why do some old people always feel so conceited just because they have only something that is as ordinary as, experience? Is it really everything and entitles one to everything other than the usual preachiness and self-assumed seniority? And why should they even feel this is logic-defying?

In all things, you may need experience to gain knowledge, but more importantly, you must have not only PERSEVERANCE, but also, TALENT. Um, like me (not again) for example hahaha, how I could win other older Asians in the real city central arcade using SUPER ORIGINAL BALROG in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo when I just begun seriously exploring it a bit just months back, compared to their entire youth (that part of their lives is supposed to be the brightest) wasted on this whole bull thing since it first came out in '94. Oh there are people among these overachievers who STARED AT ME when I took the original boxer, but I knew what I was doing anyway, and I did it.

I made a fucking complete fool of myself, I lost my cool - I demanded to the judge to forfeit all my remaining games so I can go off and sulk in my car.


To be quite frank, I have completely ashamed myself as a player.

Um hmm?

But this wasn't the first time I 'blew' up in this manner, or behaved like a fucking douchebag towards players in real life. For those who remembered the days of Omega Sektor in Birmingham, I used to give Jinty the same belittling treatment by accusing people for being crap, boring and flow-chart-like online, and how I would boast about being the better player etc. - I paid deeply for this arrogance when he turned me into a club sandwich by destroying me offline. This is exactly what I've been doing to Rudi for the past few months.

I would like to think that the events of yesterday generally built up from other factors surrounding it - particularly from the stresses of quitting my job before I could get sacked about 2 months ago (living the chunkis life lol), my general OTT frustration of not finding any reasonable opponents online and being disadvantaged for not having a decent offline scene in the west midlands for 3s, the SF4 impact on the 3s scene, and NO offence to the Neo-Empire staff as it was probably beyond their control - but also due to the fact that 3s was mistreated on the respect of setups being provided by the players and not the venue, and the my group having to be overrun on Saturday rather than being played on Friday.

So where does this leave me? I really don't have a fucking clue what to do. As I speak, I am probably thinking that I'm pretty much the 'Dan' of the scene right now, and I'm pretty fucking ashamed to show my face at any offline event again.

He's not you and you're not him. After learnng of your willful unemployment and more importantly, your blasphemy, he went all the way to find you hiding out in your native English toilet and bashed you up good before leaving.

Without a scratch in a one-hit combo frenzy as you can see here. Even the hooligans who caught wind of his dramatic manoeuvres and his comic relief on BBC 7 earlier were all too scared to interfere.

*For those not-too-familiar with the English language let alone those annoying abbreviations these ground zero street people throw out at times OTT simply means over-the-top.

Frankly why should Capcom or anyone really care about ghetto games (meaning poor sales turnout) like Third Strike when all the others including especially the latest Street Fighter IV outsells in popularity as well? I realise the retailers are right when it comes to certain games not given the same attention, or even translated out of Japland, because they just aren't as appealing to foreigners - some couldn't even take off at all. I all along was being deceived by those consumer asses repetitively asking why this game wouldn't be brought in, why that game which was so fun wasn't released again, etc. Those people who made the complaints and who did not understand the market situation form but the Minority Report. I should really have ignored their nonsense. Damn.

My reasons for playing fighting games are completely different to everyone else.

Wow he's so unique and cool, like the non-generic East Coaster Alex. Not.

I started to take it up a lot more seriously, when I hear that players were getting sponsored to enter tournaments and huge income opportunities just for having a talent in fighting games -

I think our English friend here is grossly informed (which also means misinformed) by whatever sources he has led himself to. The one powerful word I reiterate that you have also distracted yourself from which is: Talent. Like I said earlier:

* What his opponents at home would say to him.
** What I would say to him.

But let him speak.

and finally realised that this is just a dream which probably 90% of the fighting gamers can only dream of achieving.

I got rich because I spent my younger days playing Street Fighter!!!

Excuse me? I am actually SURPRISED (yes this appears but now it is in a different context) that there are people who actually HOPE to make money off playing - fighting games that are within the humblest sphere within the humble sphere of video games? Really. Should people even THINK like that? Oh and I thought these games are just supposed to be fun and to be enjoyed with good friends, no? Hahaha make money off it. Even Tomo Ohira (they say he's good although I have never managed to watch his arcade versus footage) in imperialist Amerikkka where the money truly is realised that being a pretty talented expert in Street Fighter still gets him nowhere other what he thought was the series going down and so he got out early, got a job, got paid and got married.

Nothing much has changed since those promising times of the 90s, nope. Even those more competent LAN (local area network) gaming nerds in this new age get much more recognition and sponsorships than their fighting counterparts. 90%? I don't think 90% of the gamers are that gay in wasting time dreaming of just a few more crumbs from the table of the capitalists as even those at the top don't get that much to begin with. And maybe you can't get on top and be recognised because you're still not smart and nerdy enough. Like, do you know the Art of Fighting, to be the King of Fighters?


I sense you are not confident in giving yourself an affirmative answer.

I also believe that this is but a genetical culture issue - it can't be altered at will.

I'm saying A LOT of shit which I've always kept under wraps, but I feel that it's time to admit that I'm a FUCKING LOSER.

Shame of you.

But wait a minute. Let's have a recap:
「As I speak, I am probably thinking that I'm pretty much the 'Dan' of the scene right now, and I'm pretty fucking ashamed to show my face at any offline event again.

I'm saying A LOT of shit which I've always kept under wraps, but I feel that it's time to admit that I'm a FUCKING LOSER.:」

Even Dan is ashamed to be associated with you. Leave him out.

Don't mind the, intermission but this is Dan's friend Joe Higashi giving you some real follow-up advice.

I'm actually socially handicapped, which will explain why I appear awkward in front of people, or do silly things that don't make sense to most of you. As I speak right now, I'm receiving mental health treatment from the NHS, and it probably won't be long before I get referred to a mental health hospital, as this has been a problem with me since school.

This is the reason why people who play video games are generally thought negatively of by those ass-brained people, no matter how misguided and misinformed they may also be. And you'd think that those "happy" nerd types (similar to a great many of those anime lovers and Final Fantasy fans) who also invade the space of video games are bad enough.

My dribble is pretty much over, since I think I've probably covered all the relevant points. If you're still reading up to now, I'm pretty impressed you kept up with this (lol).

No problem. I read because I care.

By all means, you're welcome to cuss me, flame me, revenge post me or do whatever you fucking want to do. I'm not fishing for compliments, sympathy or any of the homo shit. The reason I'm posting this, because I have a huge urgency to repent on my dishonorable actions.

Dishonorable and not dishonourable? And the lol? So much for the British education system. And then you requested that all comments be collapsed when some of them merely told you off mildly which was but for your own good. And repent? Your ancestors would be damn proud. You can no longer be a gentleman at home, even though you are still welcome to try and redeem yourself with simpler and more meaningful activities at the Royal Philatelic Club.


* serving suggestion

Unless someone can convince me otherwise, (and I've probably said this about 20 times in my gaming career), I'm going to take a long break from the scene and maybe potentially quit - possibly forcing myself to sell all my equipment (joysticks, consoles, games etc.)

A typical nerd solution to a typical nerd problem. Just do it. Spread your wings and fly. Why should anyone care to try convincing you? Your phrase is an indirect asking for someone stronger than you to come to you and help you change your mind on a weak solution created emotionally out of your own desperation. If I see such a person coming near you I would have to kill him. Because it's for your sake and your well-being. You have to learn how to stand on your own two feet.

Once again, apologies out to the relevant heads involved, and the people whom I probably wasted people's time listening to my crap. Particularly, Rudi, Jinty, Prodigal Son, Dragon twins, French players, Waqs, IMX, NGUboy, Chunkis, True Might, Circle Masher, random heads and quite a few others that I've probably missed.


He seems quite sincere regardless and just maybe ahem, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen would forgive ahem, The English Patient. We hope for the best possible outcome in his make-glorious benefit quest for social cohesion, thank you for viewing.

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  1. Good read, Are you still attending Offline events Rakurai? trying to get a scene going Nottingham way. - Zujin.