Tuesday, 14 September 2010

░▒▓█ The powerful declarations of a female Western imperialist.

I had a conversation with a self-proclaimed self-made lady and prior to that interesting development I caught her signature statement that read like this:

"Life is not a game. Serve no master. We are not pawns. Be not beguiled by and trust not in lies and sages, but believe in the truth within one’s own heart.."

Wooooow I was so touched... The first sentence was so fun and radical enough not to make enough sense. Following that was a quiet class insistence, a disrespect for knowledgeable older men who lived in the earlier days that finalised with a pained attempt at some critical thinking.

I bet she was hurt, angry and crying when she was writing this. Oh dear. Because she is female her statement naturally sounded weak and so I feel for her. This myriad of confusing and overwhelming emotions...

I picture this angel, wannabe, rallying the remaining miserable and impoverished mindless fellow slaves who are still suffering from the WTF Syndrome as they are fighting the Last Resistance at the end of days. Understandably they are in a literal quagmire where they are caught between a ravaging fire in the dead of the night and the better-equipped militia of the New World Order oligarchs. On the look of their faces you can tell that they are as bitter and angry, but more importantly they also appear more desperate and are begging for hope, as is usual with the masses during election rallies in better times.

"We will buy anything even though we know you’re as bullshit as the other guys. Just give us some hope, say something in that direction and make us feel good again, especially in such difficult and confusing times!"

"Make us believe in the system and make us want to vote for you."

Ah, so much for the fight for self-determination. Why even begin this worthless opposition I ask.

Her repetitive demands for respect and that she is dead serious made me realise what I had been suspecting all along – that her declaration is nothing more than her recognition of herself as a victim of her own gender, and for the same belief, a victim of life.

Take care lady.

PS In case you fail to get it, I do not see them of any capability to turn the planned tide. Not even her. They beg even as they fight and they all have no life so they focus on the negative and the possible-negative that can hardly be changed. They can only hope, if not dream. If these are not overachievers I wouldn't know how else to categorise them.

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