Friday, 24 September 2010

░▒▓█ Love and Games don't always go together.

I used to frequent a video game shop in the city when I was a little boy. It wasn't the most spectacular shop, many of their games for the later systems were quite expensive and I often go there to see just what they have, though as you understand I don't always buy from them.

I also remember one night when this particular guy came by - I think I could have seen him once or twice there before - playing the games at the display counter. He was in long-sleeved business attire, he wore glasses, he looked very adult, like in his twenties or thirties, he seemed to have some problems of sorts and he doesn't look like one who should be in a place like this. Totally out of place.

You know, I have friends no doubt, but I usually don't like to have anything to do society, long before I even started on playing video games, so I looked at him in the commonly faint disregard as would the others. No discrimination. When I was there I saw that he was playing Bust-A-Move 3 on the white Sega Saturn (proud to own this piece though the manual was black-and-white inside thanks to Sega's strict and far-seeing fiscal policy) and was at a stage that looked far into the game - I saw the picture of the bubble-bursting dragons on a hot-air balloon - before he died. Then he. Continued. He. Continued. The disregard was deeper. Plainly speaking, I despised him.

So I looked at the games elsewhere in the shop, and then back to the showcase, where I heard a talk going on between the shop staff - two ladies - and the would-be customer that was him. They were in some sort of a conversation that I couldn't recall, it must be too forgettable for me not to, and then one of them was notably saying something like "you can come to our shop anytime to talk to us, relax and play games, but we cannot be in love with you." He responded in protest, and the other, which seemed the less vocal of the two, nodded and said "we are not interested in you".

Out of curiosity I looked at them when that bit was going on. The ladies seemed firm and even, pretty disgusted (they felt violated in some way by his propositions), while the man seemed to bear a surprised, whining-in-protest and defeated expression. I used to think that adults know it all and have the ways and answers, and run the world in their automatic coming-of-age knowledge and maturity, but the scary thing for all of us is, almost all of them don't. They are as and if not even more clueless, and they are not above doing pretty stupid things (that I once thought were spectacular when I read about their urban exploits and exposés in the dailies) too in public.

Haha yeah right.

Nah, she was kidding. Just proceed without a care in the world.

He can't take it for sure.



Alright our dearest working class urban hero, you made it, and it's now time for you to go home to your exciting and heroic existence. Good night. Your legendary life awaits you tomorrow.



☆☆ Trivia: Ssshh just for the record they are all not good-looking.

Objectively they need life-enhancing social programmes like:



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