Wednesday, 18 August 2010

░▒▓█ A Tragedy

It has no doubt taken place on YouTube.


Today I share with you sad news that the illustrious band from the United States of America called marcustheband, is no more!!!

And they were lying - they were actually meditating under the waterfall trying to see themselves as the alternative (and hoping some imaginary fan would stalk and take sneaky pictures of them in that state) and to strike a big and forceful comeback onto the music scene via... the Internet. Like many other victims I had also received the honour of being actually invited by them to subscribe to them, but at that time I was young and foolish and more importantly I didn't understand what it meant.

Unparalleled Musicians that are not of others. How could this be? How could you be so cruel? All throughout your lives, you've endured so much pain and hardship just to endlessly contribute to America's declining music scene despite your two years spent more productively crying together for long hours in the shadow. Why did you decide to abandon us now...?

Even if the sky has fallen into pieces, I would not believe it!! All our hopes for tomorrow's rain... are gone!!! Agriculture would flourish again! See? Even those cute locusts have come forward in swarms... to weep with us!!


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