Friday, 13 August 2010

░▒▓█ Of Women and Japs.

Fun Parody

After spending the longest time in observance of these esteemed specialist groups, several parallels between these two types have but made themselves clear to me, that I shall generously share with all of you:

#1 - Both are indirect and self-suppressed. On the other hand they also like saying things that are different from what they think (ie excessive praise and lies).

#2 - Both have higher demands of social etiquette on their kinds than compared to others.

#3 - Both enforce (mostly artificial) manners on themselves for they can also be rude at the same time.

#4 - Both try to use quietness to their (usually unreasonable) advantage and play mind games on people.

#5 - Both are capable of being simultaneously practical and sentimental.

#6 - Both make notes of everything in their minds and bear petty grudges until they die.

#7 - Both are apolitical and spiritually bankrupt. These two facets bore and confuse them.

#8 - Both are naturally cunning and deceitful in getting whatever they want.

#9 - There are no clear winners be it in a group of women or in a group of Japs.

#10 - Both like to go out in twos or in groups, even to the washroom. They are not very often seem alone. To them, there is always safety in numbers.

#11 - Both would feel very injured and get really defensive when they feel their kind is being attacked on the slightest, and both would easily feel very happy and content when they are being praised.

#12 - Both have an extremely tame if not actually a bad sense of humour outright.

#13 - Both are greatly powered by emotions.

#14 - Both like to wear at least two masks and fake innocence on the outside (even if both are beasts in actuality).

#15 - Both are hilarious whenever they try to show their ego.

#16 - Both have pretty poor language sense. Just like a woman's mind is not properly wired for language (take note: form) in conversation (read Allan Pease's book), a Jap has similarly no real skill when he attempts to speak a language. Both try, but flaws still present themselves nevertheless.

#17 - Both enjoy pretending to be virtuous, fair and objective. In reality, while we give them the benefit of the doubt on virtue, it is worth understanding that both groups are actually equally incapable of any fairness and objectivity, and even base logic, in their views and arguments. To think that I actually felt a bit nauseous at this last revelation... These creatures should all be rfid microchipped and tracked like inventories in a big warehouse. It's for their own good.

So, if you understand women, you'd understand Japs, and vice versa. Have a nice day hahahahaha.

And actually I'm not sure if this should be categorized under Boys and Girls for they are all girls as you can tell. But for visibility's sake, oh well.

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