Wednesday, 11 August 2010

░▒▓█ I have been friends with this one girl for around 2 years now…

I have been friends with this one girl for around 2 years now, I fell for her almost immediately and she rejected me. Just recently I had to transfer to the same school as her for some required credits and we began to hang out a lot. After a while it really seemed like we had started dating, although unintentionally. I did not think about this until she invited me to dinner with her parents. Now here’s the problem, I am horrible with relationships and couple that with the fact that my family is going through the worst financial crisis to date, we may lose our home, I have been super stressed out. Basically, I get angry at her for tiny things and I believe I’m fucking it up royally, as they say in Britain or England (same shit).

The point is that I already know I have to find a new way to release stress, but how can I make it up to her? (A threesome definitely will not work, I tried before). –Hoff

Dear Hoff,

Trying a threesome is good, but, you did not try it out properly. With a mahjong table for example.

Your fate and fortune would have easily changed.

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