Saturday, 21 August 2010

░▒▓█ I had read the book

One that I have purchased recently. It's called the "Eye Effect", and I thought it was money well-spent. As I read through his work carefully up to the the last striking paragraphs I started thinking of what the author is like - not so much of a person but more in terms of what he had gone through and all in his own life.

And I felt sad.

Because from how he detailed the various attacks and unhappy things people were to do to an individual and how he could deal with them and defend himself in return it is clear to me that either someone he knows or he himself had actually faced a number of these things in real life, and that sufferer must have struggled like mad to find his way out. And it seems that he had succeeded, through the corresponding suggestions he must have used himself that I thought, were reasonable and possible.

What was mentioned in the book was a range of social scenarios, mental solutions and matter-of-fact advice but what was not mentioned were the pains and tears that hid behind them all.

Ah, see what they've done. These are what people are capable of when it comes to helping others. The words of the late predecessor Dale Carnegie had also fallen upon deaf ears.

To the author: you've come so far. Great work, and, take the best care of yourself.

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