Thursday, 1 July 2010

░▒▓█ Wait a moment! Have a match with me!

Sure. Wait a moment too while I get my cup of tea. To quote someone: "Let's fight like gentlemen!"

Thanks to the black British champ Dudley I have discovered my love for English lavender and have become a travel ambassador to the Sceptred Isles.

This is the one.
Yes, this guy.

Dudley on Boxing Day. Dignified shopping and packing always rules.


The challenge notification language development has turned quite tragic just 5 years later. From "Wait a moment! Have a match with me!" to "Here Comes Challenger!!"?! THIS?! Third World people and their followers are busy developing and they don't notice the difference but First World people like us do and I believe you can do better.

Try from 1987:


I actually got to fight a "technician" (one of those freaks I mentioned before) today, and he was from South Korea. He surprised me when he chose Sean, and I counter-surprised him when I took my favourite that is Elena. Because there were stagnant black lines throughout the screen I just played without recording but the truth remained that he lost, and took another low-tier character that is Q. Ironically unlike the Sean fight I was a bit in doubt and was distracted, but I managed to defeat him regardless after two tries.

There certainly was respect coming from both sides, but he challenged me again when he checked my stats and I also had to cut short the opera because of pressing matters at hand (they are really persistent). And so I said "kamsamida" (thank you) on the main before I left.

* My sweet African Rose in victorious motion

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