Saturday, 17 July 2010

░▒▓█ A stupid post.

What happens when a guy makes a improper comment on a date? The girl get offended and totally hates your ass. It is not that difficult to guess. What it seems to be, these days that guys are using a form of strategy call “negs”. It is a form of insult planted to lower the girl’s self esteem so that the guy can move in easier. Here’s an example: “Nice nails, are they real? No? Oh, well they’re nice anyway.” (Ugly Betty season 2, they also feature 1 episode with this strategy)

Recently my girl friend went on a so called date and she just had this experience. She was out with him for lunch and having a casual conversation, and out of no where all of a sudden the guy just said to her “you are fat.” She was like, what? Why would he just make such a improper comment out of no where. She just smiled it off and said oh ya… put on a little weight lately (she’s still far from fat, i can vouch for that). As the lunch continues, he make another comment saying that her jaw was big, she had chubby cheeks. My friend was totally pissed and felt so insulted. My friend is a smart attractive girl and it’s not someone you can easily ask out. She was thinking to herself, what is this guy trying to do? After that he was trying to be cute and said she look like a cupcake! Haha! it was the wrong thing to say. He must have thought it was cute to call her cupcake. But all she thought was, now you think i’m round and fat but cute like a cupcake. OH NO! not this way you don’t. After lunch he wanted to walk her back to her office, and she couldn’t shake him off. While passing by the bathroom she said, she needed to use the ladies and she was going to be long, see ya!





Needless to say had a terrible lunch. The comment had bothered her. How can you tell a girl that she was fat. Especially on a date.

This person who wrote this article I fear, has poor English (this is what we call "emotional writing" where form and content objective go out of the window) and is correspondingly, very stupid. Probably a kindergarten graduate. The guy in question is also a win-defying loser with extremely poor technique. Without a doubt loneliness would be his good friend in the years to come. I can tell that he is also an extremely independent guy. Like, he mows his own lawn, buys his own wig and self-masturbates, so what more proof do you want?

But, in the very least it does pay to be educated that guinea pigs are meant to be experimented on, and be used in all sorts of ways. Simply put, they are born to serve and be tried. And of course, as I hasten to add as always - gently and with care. Understand you insensitive jerks?!??!?!!?!?

Also, if a smart and difficult girl could get affected by small things like this and could actually go out with a sworn loser who makes such unimpressive comments then that means she is not smart and difficult. More like dumb and easy.

And so the conclusion is: all of them are failures.

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