Saturday, 3 July 2010

░▒▓█ My hearfelt advice to those that can’t play video games.

Oh yes the sport is alternative. Dumb people don't get it. Anyway:

Facepalm #1

Facepalm #2

Facepalm from a fellow mortal:

The Ultimate Facepalm from a heavenly ambassador:

This is actually a little-mentioned statue that was erected in Rome during ancient times when he saw a young man studying how wheels are invented so that he could invent one more. An astrologer who happened to be nearby noted the spiritual figure and his reaction and spent the remainder of his life joyously carving this statue in his likeness. On certain nights you can actually see tears flowing from the statue, and it actually trembles intensely tandem. But you won't feel scared - because it emanates a holy aura even in such a quizzical position and you'd rather feel like laughing along uproariously out of respect and polite agreement. I know, because I did.

So, shoto turtles need to watch tutorial videos on how to defeat Balrog and Gill with a shoto character. Bravo!

And they aren't double perfect videos either, pfftt. Maybe if these forever-developing novices called their videos "casual plays" with their pads and sticks then I wouldn't be so mad.

To all those similarly under par and again, dumb people: I seriously believe if you have a problem with video games and especially fighting games and the problem has overflowed into your life then allow me to suggest the following alternative activities:

Video games are naturally too alternative I also mean difficult. They are not meant for shoto novices as well as  intelligence-deficient people like you. Please indulge in life's simple pleasures instead.
PS Psst, here is something even easier:

Remember to have some basic courtesy to thank me when your health improves.


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