Wednesday, 14 July 2010

░▒▓█ CounterStrike

personne ordinaire #1: Japanese players only care about ARCADE, they don't bother with the home consoles.

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): That's because all these Jap beggars are POOR and can only afford a few quarters in the arcade a day. They cannot AFFORD the home consoles (no doing very well in Street Fighter or even King of Fighters won't get any of these commoners a castle that is higher than their Emperor's - life for them everyday will be the same as everyone's). I'd shudder to think if these commoners would even try to buy the arcade machines they play... hahahahaha it's ridiculous to even entertain the notion hahahhahahahaa!!!!!!!

personne ordinaire #2: Seriously who plays the computer these days?

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): I for one do, and I still do. Unskilled labourers like you shouldn't talk so much.

personne ordinaire #3: Fighting the computer is boring.

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): Ah, another unskilled labourer. Cos you suck. Yes you do. You can proceed to suck my cock for something easier and more interesting.


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