Wednesday, 23 June 2010

░▒▓█ Whether this is congruent with reality

Being ever so keen about the lives of other foreigners and expatriates I took the chance to talk to a taxi driver acquaintance that night when I asked  about a scenario involving them that came into my mind. He is much older and more experienced with the streets than I do, so I regard him as someone who is knowledgeable and whose views I could somewhat trust despite his equally trolling and bullshitting nature.

"Gilbert suppose there is a certain expatriate who has been working in this Asian capital for a long time, like a few years, and then suddenly he was being recalled by the headquarters in the States. The head office gave him two options - either come back and keep your job, or stay overseas and lose it.

"Now, because he had gotten so used to the different life here than back home and has come to love the local culture and everything associated with it so much that he now dreads the idea of going back, to face that same old kind of life that he realised he was happy to have been freed of.

"So he decided to stay on, despite no longer being an employee of the very company he had been with for many years. He tries to apply for a similar position with other local MNCs (multinational companies) but was invariably unsuccessful, and so he remains here - for several months as an unemployed person, living off his own savings or whatever, hoping his chances would improve. He has decided to stay, but his will to is being tested everyday by the unencouraging economic situation that has also hit his adopted country...

"Do you think it is possible that there are such people in this city?"

He was listening thoughtfully all the while, and when asked asked, he thought a bit more, and he nodded.

Just as I thought. Going back to your own society that you abhor is a painful and terrible thing. I hope he gets his job and gets to stay out.

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