Saturday, 12 June 2010

░▒▓█ An Unexpected Compliment Again.

Deined has made a comment on Hyper Street Fighter II - Guile Vs Balrog (Level 8 Keyboard):

Hey, SeventhSun, you seem to be an expert on using Balrog judging from your vids. I going to pose a question for you.
I've heard that on Champion Edition the CPU Guile is a particularly tough fight for Balrog users. Is that true?

No that is untrue. As a confirmatory gesture I tried the arcade version and beat him easily. Then I went on to try out the Sega Mega Drive version on 8 Stars. It's my first time on that version and I beat him with ease too. I didn't record or take pictures because like the arcade one it was just a win, and not a double perfect win.

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