Saturday, 26 June 2010

░▒▓█ King of Pop

Um, none I fear. He's cool, and he's probably dancing hard 45° up to the stars by now, but honestly I feel they are a waste of money. Only his Moonwalk is meaningful, and it makes Soulja Boy's Birdwalk look even more laughably stupid than it already is from the promo (and for your information real birds never looked smart and intellectual when they walk - I always chuckle whenever I see them do that but that is still a less pathetic source of entertainment than a grown man and his crew with oversized, T-shirts that try to walk like them) in comparison. He's more of a dancer than a singer.

On the other hand I feel the success of the advertising and marketing agencies he was under coupled with gross (as in obscene) sales figures of his early albums particularly Dangerous back in the free-and-easy 90s have instead influenced him to carry on what he is doing and keep believing in himself (having confidence is actually very important to do well in life), and his recording companies to plan re-releases and remixes of these "once-upon-a-time phenomenal (selling)" hit songs at a later part of his life as well when you factor in understandable things like the bludgeoned economy, talent decline, a spiralling appeal, ageing, the resultant drop in the quality of life etc.

So conversely speaking in retrospect he really needs to thank all of his handlers as well as the international massesfor their recognition and for giving him all that he had.

No, not him as Captain EO or even that self-starred Sega Mega Drive game. This model still of the arcade version was just a bit more fun, but that's quite about it.

If you know what a video game is you'd then have to admit that his dancing - even in digital media representation - is just as unbeatable as it is already phenomenal.


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