Tuesday, 15 June 2010

░▒▓█ He hit my fists with his face.

So after I got to God own his CE Guile with WW Guile, what did he do? What did he do???? He chose... ST Balrog!!! Hahahahahhahahahahaha excuse me?!!?!? I actually stared at the game character selection screen with my eyes and mouth wiiide open for a moment. I still don't get it - ST Balrog against WW Guile??? Is he fucking out of his mind??

Some people reaaaaally make a hobby of overestimating themselves. And there would be people in my position who would feel mocked, but I see it in another way. I just think he is crazy. Not revolutionary crazy, but stupid crazy. And as you guys know, the outcome was a no-brainer. He couldn't even take a round off me ha! I've seen stranger things in my lifetime.

Words of Wisdom from my Russian ambassador:

Words of Wisdom from my Marvel ambassador:

Okay that was my first time playing and my first win tandem, with the main objective intact. To help explain to you foos, here's my Brazilian ambassador:

That's me almost all the time. It is quite scary, but be strong: it is the truth.
And also as always for you guys:

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