Thursday, 17 June 2010

░▒▓█ Cultural Interview: Cold turkey

As a goodwill hobby I mean habit I used to often praise people for their handwriting, but they usually end up getting red-faced and angry with me, and I have some opponents in life as a result. It was not until a long time later when I got to know a girl and she got to find out about this bad habit of mine, and on one occasion she began to talk to me about it. She said I was being very nice and she loved me even more for it but people usually know where they stand and so they find my praise to be very fake and even insulting as a result. I protested that I was just trying to encourage them and make them feel good about themselves. She said she understood but she wanted me to try and drop this habit. For her. And that I did.

But not before the reality that she had explained to me so crystal-clearly fully hit me from a later analysis or I would say mental visitation that I got really mad, and this reaction helped strengthen my vow to stop.

When one bad habit goes, another comes, as they always say. In a far greater diplomatic disaster that followed, I came to regard people as fools and so, I decided to call them out on what they are - fat. Fat means fat, a lack of dedication that paves the way for foolish mistakes means fat, and goof up means fat also. No exceptions. This angle of condemnation from a position of higher authority has a striking parallel to that of being excommunicated by the church in ancient times which is something even the rich people feared.

Once you are called fat in life there is no turning back. It's over. You have nowhere to go or hide, because your bluff is being called without a doubt and everyone now knows you for what you are. Not only my girlfriend, but also my father and even my Godfather, got to know of this truth movement I am so involved campaigning in and had many times tried advising me to revoke this terrible power I now hold upon people's lives and fates.

In an amicable gesture I promised them that I would look deeply into the matter and regard their pleas with serious consideration.

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