Friday, 11 June 2010

░▒▓█ A Beautiful Miracle Happened Today.

Yes. In my tireless goal to record some new videos (the few before showed signs of variety but they also showed evidence of lagging and glitching) despite the clogging and all I was actually able to record one, and not only was it more than enough but also, it will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life. It happened when I was playing an opening match of the little-understood-outside-Asia Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition which is a game in the II series that I absolutely love playing (after the original Super Street Fighter II) using my favorite character World Warrior Guile against a competent player from Japan who picked World Warrior Ryu. Throughout the fight I laid it slow and easy, I kept calm and was humble as best as I could, and wham! I managed. To get. A Double Perfect. Against him!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!!!

When this shocking outcome unfolded itself before my eyes I was so happily electrified, and I also felt so lucky and blessed by heaven. Together with life they made me realise they are sometimes not only fair but also, extremely generous towards me. Life is great~!

Actually from past encounters I have done that before, but it was against a skilled Korean player, and the encoding and the internal match save cocked up, leaving me with a sour and bitter taste in my mouth since. That coupled with a match at a later period in time where I NEARLY got a DP on another Japanese opponent when he unexpectedly tripped me JUST ONCE IN THE SECOND ROUND BEFORE I FINISHED HIM OFF IN RETURN. OUCH. Sad.

Today I could finally do it, and I feel so grateful for it.

Halley's Comet. This phenomenon that occurs once in 76 years is what I feel about victories like this, that I will always treasure.

On reflection, what I did with World Warrior Guile was also what an American superdood1 using Champion Edition Guile could not, against this same Japanese player I saw him fight against. Sure he can win, just like I do, but I do not admire his time-wasting arrogance and it seems my victory against the Japanese is simply unique if not also unparalleled than compared to his. More tactics or more power? Sure, I'd always take more power. Because I simply don't like wasting time.

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