Tuesday, 29 June 2010

░▒▓█ A Rejoinder on Possible Overreaching.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.''

Going instead where there is no path is great, but leaving a trail is not so necessary. Knowing where you went yourself is the only thing that's important.


░▒▓█ Cultural Interview: No bloody way

Well why not? As a hunter-gatherer myself I never really intended on marriage anyway.

More playboys and Casanovas are always welcome.

Monday, 28 June 2010

░▒▓█ Pirates VS Ninjas

This is a no-brainer. Although box office takings worldwide seemed pretty even and both use the power of stealth and surprise to their advantage but in the end pirates naturally win ninjas in more ways than anyone could ever imagine.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

░▒▓█ The sensitive thing to the masses other than money.

Here it is:

Even I am not immune to this mischievous scheme, as I have also at times been accused of being. One.

An. Elite. Hooray.

In any given race I would usually prefer to be the lone guy running ahead of all others, in a significant distance gap, and keep going on from there. Right, to the end. And in my pace and time I will find the means and strategies on my own to keep on ahead if not also on top, until I step past the finishing line. This is largely how I became a gold medallist in the 2.4 kilometre running event during my military training days, losing only to the coloured ethnic minorities (no racism but it's the truth that I'm that good and they are also very competitive). And ah, witness a monopolist in the making HAHAHA.


Well, that's just me trying very hard to cosplay myself as an elite like they claim I am. I have to live up to people's expectations you know. And on an unrelated note, I remember the words of Sir Alex Ferguson who heads Manchester United (and famously threw a soccer shoe at then star player David Beckham that caused him to climb to even greater fortunes in the States with a cut lip): "If you can't take a decision, then you're not cut out to be a leader."

I have little love for this man, but I find his principles to be fun and interesting nevertheless. And I want to be a Monkey God.

Peaches are delicious.

░▒▓█ Should I…?

Should I let her in, or should I not?

Hmm hmm.

░▒▓█ Now you know.

Now you know...
Now you know...

Now you know what it feels like!!
To be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed!!!
(now you know now you know now you know)

Heh heh heh heh heh.


Saturday, 26 June 2010

░▒▓█ Prone to puns

Interviewer: How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

Cruel, painful, dark, bright, painless, kind.

░▒▓█ King of Pop

Um, none I fear. He's cool, and he's probably dancing hard 45° up to the stars by now, but honestly I feel they are a waste of money. Only his Moonwalk is meaningful, and it makes Soulja Boy's Birdwalk look even more laughably stupid than it already is from the promo (and for your information real birds never looked smart and intellectual when they walk - I always chuckle whenever I see them do that but that is still a less pathetic source of entertainment than a grown man and his crew with oversized, T-shirts that try to walk like them) in comparison. He's more of a dancer than a singer.

On the other hand I feel the success of the advertising and marketing agencies he was under coupled with gross (as in obscene) sales figures of his early albums particularly Dangerous back in the free-and-easy 90s have instead influenced him to carry on what he is doing and keep believing in himself (having confidence is actually very important to do well in life), and his recording companies to plan re-releases and remixes of these "once-upon-a-time phenomenal (selling)" hit songs at a later part of his life as well when you factor in understandable things like the bludgeoned economy, talent decline, a spiralling appeal, ageing, the resultant drop in the quality of life etc.

So conversely speaking in retrospect he really needs to thank all of his handlers as well as the international massesfor their recognition and for giving him all that he had.

No, not him as Captain EO or even that self-starred Sega Mega Drive game. This model still of the arcade version was just a bit more fun, but that's quite about it.

If you know what a video game is you'd then have to admit that his dancing - even in digital media representation - is just as unbeatable as it is already phenomenal.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

░▒▓█ Whether this is congruent with reality

Being ever so keen about the lives of other foreigners and expatriates I took the chance to talk to a taxi driver acquaintance that night when I asked  about a scenario involving them that came into my mind. He is much older and more experienced with the streets than I do, so I regard him as someone who is knowledgeable and whose views I could somewhat trust despite his equally trolling and bullshitting nature.

"Gilbert suppose there is a certain expatriate who has been working in this Asian capital for a long time, like a few years, and then suddenly he was being recalled by the headquarters in the States. The head office gave him two options - either come back and keep your job, or stay overseas and lose it.

"Now, because he had gotten so used to the different life here than back home and has come to love the local culture and everything associated with it so much that he now dreads the idea of going back, to face that same old kind of life that he realised he was happy to have been freed of.

"So he decided to stay on, despite no longer being an employee of the very company he had been with for many years. He tries to apply for a similar position with other local MNCs (multinational companies) but was invariably unsuccessful, and so he remains here - for several months as an unemployed person, living off his own savings or whatever, hoping his chances would improve. He has decided to stay, but his will to is being tested everyday by the unencouraging economic situation that has also hit his adopted country...

"Do you think it is possible that there are such people in this city?"

He was listening thoughtfully all the while, and when asked asked, he thought a bit more, and he nodded.

Just as I thought. Going back to your own society that you abhor is a painful and terrible thing. I hope he gets his job and gets to stay out.

Monday, 21 June 2010

░▒▓█ An Important 2010 Message for Fans of Third Strike.


David Medina selling his backside for 5 years in a South American red light district to pay for a new US NTSC copy of Third Strike.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

░▒▓█ Capitalist Amerikkka shall be defeated.

Yes and by God it shall.

This latest depiction above evidently and objectively shows yet again the blatant mockery that is staged by capitalists i
n arrogant Western imperialist Amerikkka, where as a result of excess deregulation, debauchery, and apathy

the wretched people of the bowels of the land now live miserably without pride in fatness, constant infighting, inequality, bigotry, mental retardation overdrive and overall great unhappiness thanks to the evil and demented ways of the warmongering demon Bush and his clique of fugitives that unendingly support him.

Nyah heh heh heh heh.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

░▒▓█ Cultural Interview: Cold turkey

As a goodwill hobby I mean habit I used to often praise people for their handwriting, but they usually end up getting red-faced and angry with me, and I have some opponents in life as a result. It was not until a long time later when I got to know a girl and she got to find out about this bad habit of mine, and on one occasion she began to talk to me about it. She said I was being very nice and she loved me even more for it but people usually know where they stand and so they find my praise to be very fake and even insulting as a result. I protested that I was just trying to encourage them and make them feel good about themselves. She said she understood but she wanted me to try and drop this habit. For her. And that I did.

But not before the reality that she had explained to me so crystal-clearly fully hit me from a later analysis or I would say mental visitation that I got really mad, and this reaction helped strengthen my vow to stop.

When one bad habit goes, another comes, as they always say. In a far greater diplomatic disaster that followed, I came to regard people as fools and so, I decided to call them out on what they are - fat. Fat means fat, a lack of dedication that paves the way for foolish mistakes means fat, and goof up means fat also. No exceptions. This angle of condemnation from a position of higher authority has a striking parallel to that of being excommunicated by the church in ancient times which is something even the rich people feared.

Once you are called fat in life there is no turning back. It's over. You have nowhere to go or hide, because your bluff is being called without a doubt and everyone now knows you for what you are. Not only my girlfriend, but also my father and even my Godfather, got to know of this truth movement I am so involved campaigning in and had many times tried advising me to revoke this terrible power I now hold upon people's lives and fates.

In an amicable gesture I promised them that I would look deeply into the matter and regard their pleas with serious consideration.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

░▒▓█ He hit my fists with his face.

So after I got to God own his CE Guile with WW Guile, what did he do? What did he do???? He chose... ST Balrog!!! Hahahahahhahahahahaha excuse me?!!?!? I actually stared at the game character selection screen with my eyes and mouth wiiide open for a moment. I still don't get it - ST Balrog against WW Guile??? Is he fucking out of his mind??

Some people reaaaaally make a hobby of overestimating themselves. And there would be people in my position who would feel mocked, but I see it in another way. I just think he is crazy. Not revolutionary crazy, but stupid crazy. And as you guys know, the outcome was a no-brainer. He couldn't even take a round off me ha! I've seen stranger things in my lifetime.

Words of Wisdom from my Russian ambassador:

Words of Wisdom from my Marvel ambassador:

Okay that was my first time playing and my first win tandem, with the main objective intact. To help explain to you foos, here's my Brazilian ambassador:

That's me almost all the time. It is quite scary, but be strong: it is the truth.
And also as always for you guys:

Monday, 14 June 2010

░▒▓█ Excremental Cult Classic Movie

Despite being a box office crash, the movie received rave reviews and electric acclaim from all three moviegoers.

"Simple Jack brings out the retard in me." - ManifestContent, distinguished airway bill clerk within Minimum Wage at BB Express

"I understand." - SeventhSun, author of the best-selling motivational pamphlet "Know Your Limits"

"Takes me back." - Nintega, part-time janitor, full-time loser

"I know." - SeventhSun, founder of an extremist senior citizen group identified by the FBI as Let Me Help You!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

░▒▓█ The New Name and its Origins.

I have taken up reading recently.

Of late, I have noticed in the online matrix that there is a silent intense fascination for technicians, who are of course a core component in any working class society in the world. From the sum of my experiences I began seeing screen names by users from the glorious South Korea like "Technician-leftarm", "Technician-president" (not to be outdone obviously), "Technician-jian", "Technician-jwk", "Technician-choipnida" (from afar I thought it was choi panda), "Technician-SANDBACK" (okay here's one with a mad fetish), and what was believed to be a Korean thing went the way of the west as well with "immortal technician" put out by a user from the USA followed by Technician Mazter by a nutcase from Mexico.

So innocently I thought my new mortal responsibility was to assume the role of their father ie father them full-time, hence the counteroffer "I_father_technicians" was born.


Hell, I am so irredeemably cheeky today.

* Sample picture from a later video taken

He was pretty good frankly, but honestly I never get sick of winning high-tier shotokan turtles. To quote an ancient expression: "owned".



Defeat is defeat, kids.
I am going to father like never before.
My Third World sons here I come!!!

***Disclaimer: This secondary account was also created with a view of allowing of letting my cousin have a crack on my turf. Sometimes he wins for me, and sometimes, he goes a bit too alternative and then, as I learned, radical, in a fashion that is quite, similar, to the notoriously Angry German Kid. =D

Well, boys will be boys, and so I don't care.

** September 20th update:

The final flashkick in this exclusive father-and-son battle.

The father is of course smarter.

Who's your Daddy?


Saturday, 12 June 2010

░▒▓█ An Unexpected Compliment.

Tjorvz1 has made a comment on ░▒▓█ Hyper Street Fighter II - Go_collect_stamps. (WW Guile) VS mrmimimi (WW Ryu):

This doesn't have anything to do with the actual video itself, but I must ask you.
What are your views on Tekken & Soul Calibur series? Not compared to SF, just as individual games.

They are both good fighting game series with a high element of chance that adds to the excitement.

I still remember playing someone in Tekken 6 last year in a 5 round bout using a random character and nearly beating a competent human opponent with it despite almost never touching the game in my lifetime.

Tekken revolves around devils and stuff that I don't like, and the storyline of these key characters that I read from Wikipedia is non-coherent and astoundingly, stupid. If you want storyline inspiration look to the supporting cast instead as theirs are surprisingly way better. Wang Jinrei and Feng Wei's especially. And I appreciate the fact that almost all Asian (Chinese, Korean) characters speak in their native tongues

in the fifth installment of the series. Language authenticity is really my thing, even though for most other people they simply swallow whatever comes along.

Gotta thank him too because after reading his question I went online and to my great happy shock managed to find a new import copy of the very first Soul Calibur game (named Soul Edge) put out, and I bought it. So thanks again to him I am fortunate to have these gems Soul Edge for the Sony PlayStation and Soul Calibur for the Sega Dreamcast. And they are both original Japanese copies.

* If you still don't get it already I am not interested in the later series as Namco had either become lazy and complacent in naming their sequels or they have inadvertently albeit stupidly driven themselves to an English language lexicon corner by the unexpected successful sales performance of the first two games.

Thanks . It's been pretty cool knowing you. If only you made a home version of Prop Cycle too.

Now if any stupid people were to yelp like dogs if games like Ridge Racer and Densha De Go! can be released for a home console and be played with a regular controller then I don't see why it isn't possible for Prop Cycle either (minus the small fans on the sides to stimulate wind effect - but that's minor and it's okay).

░▒▓█ An Unexpected Compliment Again.

Deined has made a comment on Hyper Street Fighter II - Guile Vs Balrog (Level 8 Keyboard):

Hey, SeventhSun, you seem to be an expert on using Balrog judging from your vids. I going to pose a question for you.
I've heard that on Champion Edition the CPU Guile is a particularly tough fight for Balrog users. Is that true?

No that is untrue. As a confirmatory gesture I tried the arcade version and beat him easily. Then I went on to try out the Sega Mega Drive version on 8 Stars. It's my first time on that version and I beat him with ease too. I didn't record or take pictures because like the arcade one it was just a win, and not a double perfect win.

Friday, 11 June 2010

░▒▓█ A Beautiful Miracle Happened Today.

Yes. In my tireless goal to record some new videos (the few before showed signs of variety but they also showed evidence of lagging and glitching) despite the clogging and all I was actually able to record one, and not only was it more than enough but also, it will be something that I will remember for the rest of my life. It happened when I was playing an opening match of the little-understood-outside-Asia Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition which is a game in the II series that I absolutely love playing (after the original Super Street Fighter II) using my favorite character World Warrior Guile against a competent player from Japan who picked World Warrior Ryu. Throughout the fight I laid it slow and easy, I kept calm and was humble as best as I could, and wham! I managed. To get. A Double Perfect. Against him!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!!!

When this shocking outcome unfolded itself before my eyes I was so happily electrified, and I also felt so lucky and blessed by heaven. Together with life they made me realise they are sometimes not only fair but also, extremely generous towards me. Life is great~!

Actually from past encounters I have done that before, but it was against a skilled Korean player, and the encoding and the internal match save cocked up, leaving me with a sour and bitter taste in my mouth since. That coupled with a match at a later period in time where I NEARLY got a DP on another Japanese opponent when he unexpectedly tripped me JUST ONCE IN THE SECOND ROUND BEFORE I FINISHED HIM OFF IN RETURN. OUCH. Sad.

Today I could finally do it, and I feel so grateful for it.

Halley's Comet. This phenomenon that occurs once in 76 years is what I feel about victories like this, that I will always treasure.

On reflection, what I did with World Warrior Guile was also what an American superdood1 using Champion Edition Guile could not, against this same Japanese player I saw him fight against. Sure he can win, just like I do, but I do not admire his time-wasting arrogance and it seems my victory against the Japanese is simply unique if not also unparalleled than compared to his. More tactics or more power? Sure, I'd always take more power. Because I simply don't like wasting time.