Friday, 21 May 2010

░▒▓█ An interesting opponent

Keyboard is used against the opponent from Japan. It's a good time playing with him. Balrog's bad matchup (especially the S version), is Zangief. Fuck him. I mean the character.

As for the opponent from Japan his name 'yokohama' immediately brings me on recall of the classic novel I've enjoyed reading during junior high called Around the World in 80 Days, where a desperate Phileas Fogg, taking Auoda with him, asks a crew member of the American steamer bound from Hong Kong to Yokohama if Passepartout's name was on the list.

Despite the tight traveling schedule to fulfill a bet with his contemporaries at the Reform Club back in England Fogg had spent the entire day in Hong Kong with Auoda looking for Passepartout after losing contact with him, when the truth is he was actually waylaid and drugged by a zealous Detective Fix in an opium den there, after the former had strongly refused his suggestion to betray Fogg whom he described as a wanted man, to his capture.

There is a strong sense of loyalty between these two men.

And as for this great paperback version of this great story the page-by-page illustrations are interesting and very beautiful, and the story is cut pretty straight to the point where all the interesting parts are joined successively together with nothing mundane (ie boring filler) in between unlike the unabridged edition where I couldn't force myself to go further than 140 pages (which is already very generous on my part) before feeling bored and running away to do something more fun. Oh at that time my classmates read Sidney Sheldon, David Eddings and all those "grownup" crap, yet my English is also unfortunately, way above practically all of theirs hahaha. Lastly I thank Pablo Marcos Studio, Al Leiner and Marian Leighton for everything they've put in for this one. Thank you so much.

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