Thursday, 29 April 2010

░▒▓█ About Me (An Exposé).

I am good. Actually I have to admit to you that I tried many times in secret not to be so good, but my schemes are always foiled because practically nobody gives me any chance to lower the bar. My life is total hell because of this. Just last night when this brutal revelation actually dawned upon me I simply looked out despondently at the crescent moon with tears in my eyes. I realised the world is sometimes a very sad place to live in.

I have an idea. Maybe I should play with my toes to give them a fair fight, so that I can also hold the funny papers with my hands to read at the same time. Being a child of Libra I have always strongly backed the hardline communist ideology of balancing all overpowered characters, including myself. No exceptions will be entertained.

This symbol very likely represents those useless anus face dumps that yak all day about balance in fighting games:

HOWEVER, note that these hypocrites that also leech off the land and governments of democratic countries also do not really understand Marx, Mao and communist principles in general to be really called communists and they insult the word 'communism'.

Only those who are born beautiful under the cardinal scales of Libra overseen by the Goddess Venus are of sufficient position to be the judge on what balance is. And we generally understand the fair meaning of socialism best.


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