Tuesday, 9 March 2010

░▒▓█ What a cabbie told me today.

He was like a father to me seriously. He was a pretty experienced old man (in matters of life) and he was very understanding and helpful, and gave me lots of advice on the way too. He seemed to read my mind at times and told me lots of other things.

The first, most significant thing that I will always remember is the government versus the people thing we happened to chat up about. Not really versus, but well, he said at least the government of the foreign land may charge a lot of fees for everything, but they are at least working.

Like a highway that was clogged with too many cars, even though there is a car ownership tax and stuff (all of which are definitely hefty as most people know) they annexed a new lane to accommodate the increase in vehicles. Which leads us to the next best thing he said. If a government is really doing things for the people, there would be no money discussed, or conditions. And I added, only principles and even if conditions are listed they are all thought out for the good of the people? He agreed immensely. Just like the cigarettes thing we talked about earlier: why is there a sharp increase in the prices? Are they really to discourage people from smoking? It's easy for the young to quit, he said, but for the old, as he went on, they would probably die or be hospitalised if they were to be right out of the habit, as they've gone too deep for so long and the tar and nicotine and all has become a part of their running system. To clean the system we'd need tens of grands, and I thought, just for that and ignoring the other problems? It's not worth it.

If the government really cares he said, then why don't they all get together with the people to discuss and deal with this matter? The government would verbally encourage people to smoke less, and lessen the circulation ie importation of the cigarettes and set a time limit like after five years no cigarettes are to be allowed into the country, things like that. Yes he might not be the best solution adviser but I get what he's trying to say and he does make a whole deal of sense.

As we went on to the other things he says people are generally selfish, and said that once I enter the working world I'd know just how ugly, hideous and evil human beings are. Food for thought. You can't go wrong with an senior who has certainly walked the longer mile.

The last gesture of his was kindly. He gave me a small discount on the fare, and in the same relaxed manner he opened up his pocket box of Ricola herbal candy, took one and asked if I wanted one too. I agreed, and got to it before we talked a bit more about things (this happens to me with so many taxi drivers - maybe they find it easy to relate to me) and bade farewell.

It's a very interesting journey I would say.

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