Sunday, 14 March 2010

░▒▓█ She is a good girl

I used to know a girl who is a paramedic. On one occasion when I met her I thanked her for all that she had done, in trying to save and bring hurt and injured people towards help and safely at the hospital. She smiled quietly and said this was her duty and responsibility and she was just trying her best to fulfill them. And as I contemplatively nodded in genuine recognition of her words I mentioned that there seemed to be a lot more other people out there that are very hurt. She became slightly defensive that I could understand, saying she and the team had always been punctual towards all ambulance calls and all that, then I told her what I meant was the kind of hurt that is from the inside.

She said there are many competent psychiatrists who could attend to and care for them, and I agreed, but I also lamented to her that they really should learn to take better care of themselves in the first place, before others would reach out to them. She nodded but added that sometimes some of them are actually victims of circumstances, and I agreed, but the secret truth for the rest is they are also victims of their own intelligence. It is very easy to criticise something from the outside, even a full-fledged retard can show a gesture of that, but if you're in it, you'd take a different attitude and your perspective would be different if not also enlightened, assuming your brain is functioning the same.

PS I am always concerned about her even though we've not been speaking for quite some time and I hope with my heart that she is safe and okay.


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