Wednesday, 10 March 2010

░▒▓█ I dreamt of Kim Tae Hee - 金泰希. Yes it's true.

Hush, don't laugh, for crazy things like this sometimes actually happen even to an innocent and well-meaning lazyfoot laggard like me too, who seemed to take a faint liking for some of those entertainment personalities yet never really watched any of their shows or movies. So here goes, from my diary: It is rainy and dark over here. The place I was in, had bright white light, and the fan was on. This is incredible. Hahaha I dreamt I was with Kim Tae Hee - 金泰希. The dream is PG in nature, which means, it is safe and nice for the whole family HAHAHA. We were in this same room, with two other guys (they are just ordinary guys playing secondary roles). One was in black polo tee (he is a contractor - what they have to do never ends) and pants and shortly after the other just came in. He is a very old man (in his 40s) in blue buttoned shirt and black pants with the idea of using the land phone (not that Cyon cell phone you were thinking). And he was, quite predictably, trying to take advantage of Tae Hee by touching her hand and stuff, and I stepped before her and told him to just leave after using the phone. Oh she looked elegant. She was in sleeveless (most girls these days like wearing less and less, ie sleeveless, skin tight stuff, mini-skirts and I like the sleeveless touch that I also imposed on my gf) light gray blouse, her hair was brooched nicely just like you see a lady dressed for a gala dinner, and she was all polite and nice. After stopping his designs like a true man (always am even in person) we began talking together. And we were so close I put my arm around her and held her close to me, and we took turns doing that. She really ISN'T that short like those idiots say, from what I saw, and we made small talk in English, which, she understood quite well surprisingly. But when the contractor man in black looked at us I broke off from her saying "this isn't appropriate, we are being rude" and thinking she would understand on one hand but fearing she would be hurt on the other. I think she understood anyway. Quite generally we talked about the stars, dolphins in the waters and some mundane everyday things (mundane things you don't usually remember too well after talking about them), yet, even for such things we continued enjoying relating to each other. Incredible. And pretty significantly I said, "Your name in Chinese, is Jin Tai Xi?" She turned to look at me, happily surprised and said "How did you know?" Then I said. "Of course, I checked it up. I don't need to check up on things I am not interested in." And she gave an expression like she understood, and she smiled quietly. Then she pranced around and went into another room to look around at things. She went to touch a light blue scale equipment she saw on the maroon table. I grimaced, saying "My uncle got it. I won't want you to touch such things." And she smiled and said "Because you don't want me to associate with old people's things and be old right?" And I smiled, impressed with her intelligence. What was said of her brains wasn't really bull after all. Then taking her hand we went back to the original room, and the room was empty. Just the two of us. In each others arms I had brilliant ideas, and shared them generously. "Shall we take pictures of us together, on the phone?" She gave a quizzical look, and pointed to the land phone. "This one?" "No I mean, the camera on the phone, the cell phone, this one." holding mine up. Was a silver model. "Ah, the Nokia G." She took the cell phone from my hand and began playing with it, pressing random buttons. At that point, even in that mode I started imagining what we both would look like together on video. Should it be just an intro to green everybody's eyes? Do we vlog a bit? I pictured a few picture possibilities in my mind. Then I excused myself to go to the washroom to answer nature's call. She reluctantly let go, frowned and said: "Don't you ever leave me." I said half-cheekily: "See if I would." She somewhat became happy again and engrossed herself with my cell phone. When I entered I looked into the mirror... and was appalled that all along I was wearing my high school sports tee! I was all gaping a "huh?!" and the next logical thought to my head was, "you'd better change into something else to do the video and photoshoot with her." Then my eyes... opened. 他妈的!!!!!!!!!! I was burning in livid rage ~ Why am I telling you all these? Well I'm still a bit sleepy even as I'm done typing everything.