Saturday, 16 January 2010

░▒▓█ Gill's Seraphic Wing Combo!!!

For such a long time I've held a suspicion that his Ultimate Super Art of No Escape called the Seraphic Wing (that Capcom took from SNK's Orochi) can actually be made a combo of (even though I also know there is rubbish damage scaling as a penalty - life is an irony), and finally, on the Sega Dreamcast, with an official blue controller...

I have unlocked a combo that ACTUALLY JOINS IT!!! Behold!!!

Boy am I so happy! I know this may be old news to some people who also own the Dreamcast and maybe also the PlayStation 2, just as it is old to me too - for I had actually already discovered it a couple of years ago before I even began getting SS and XS grades on regular Level 8 play last year but I couldn't show it purely because there was no form of a recording equipment available to me back then to even make an everlasting memory of - but I am still keen to share with everyone yet another sign of my favourite boss character's magnificence. In many ways Gill is like the karateka Takuma Sakazaki - both extreme powerhouses that are totally independent of the need of utilising any rising attacks unlike almost of the other characters. In short, I love Gill and his limitless capabilities. The Book of Miraha was right about him.

It is understandable that a lot of those "serious" rubbish Third Strike players are very abnormally concerned about "balance", "fairness", "overpowered" etc but these conformist styles of boring living they proudly take to are all merely frail front stories and escape routes to cover their asshurt selves when it comes to facing Gill and being irreparably God owned and destroyed by him, but let's not take those total losers into consideration and enjoy the video nevertheless. It may not be of the best quality but it is the best that my current Nokia 6700 Classic Chrome cellphone has to offer at the moment, so haha! Don't complain!! I hope you would enjoy it all the same.

** I would like to thank Capcom for making him easily usable in the home console versions, and their efforts in adding and translating face-off dialogues for him as well as a his own endings in the entire III series. They may say it's non-canon in the Street Fighter but I don't care.

Thanks for watching. And lastly, please be good to read the cheery message from the game before you go:
Don't fall into tragedy. Always be full of happiness!
You can never lose hope. No pain no gain.
Make this the end of your
inferiority complex!
Remember to keep
it hot forever!!!
Now... You must continue!!!

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