Thursday, 13 July 2017


I have finally succeeded in separating from much of the second piece that is the Westerns and their dogs or renegades while keeping most of the views from my country that is China. This is something that I want. If they happen to drop I will be indifferent also.

I cannot accept imperialism and I am actually happy especially after calling a spade a spade. People in their minor demonstrations often lose view of the obvious. Critically, the intended audiences experienced success in receiving the message, and I am very proud of them.

I think if my objective is to please or serve others and pretend to like them as so many have done then I am merely squandering my life and deceiving myself.

I suspect my countrymen are a little bewildered by the world but I am understanding anyhow. Why follow the ways of beasts who are to just aspiring to be recycled toilet paper?

I want to be clear on a fact that those viewers outside China like in the annoying renegade province among the other illuminating examples who view web logs anonymously in a glassy assumption that they can hide themselves from state equipment are those I am talking about that I hope will disappear like the Westerns ones.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Farewell to the Fallen and Forgotten

It has been so long. So long. So long. Just these few years have proved to be so trying for you many journeymen haven't they? Time is a healer of wounds, and is also a marker that fails those that cannot make it. Its waves and quick sands wash away and sink respectively the unnecessary excesses that you animal-criminal combines are made of. Time also doesn't remember the defeated underbellies, or positively if they obtain a mention; it remembers those who won it out greatly with a permanent place in its memory.

All your transgressions and false aspirations will be accounted for by you all that none of you can escape even if your enrolments in a penitentiary and lastly as usual, the purgatory are confirmed. Different times, same outcome. You had your time, you had your chance, but now is when you finally face your irrecoverable downfall, obscurity and end.

From all angles, I already have an unshakeable conviction all along that none of you really deserve to live the same way as the mythical "good old days" when your insignificant lives and your false and imperfect ways could help you squeak by. Why do you even try? You thought it would last forever hahahaha!!!! But you're wrong. All of you. You try to play games with established systems, you pretend at virtue, justice and civilisation when you know you're sinful and hypocritical rubbish, you resort to natural barbarianism to protect your primal ideals, and you enjoy being ingrates and hate admitting your actual forms that are treasonous swines.

Animals cannot reason with humans, and act only on their debased and corrupted emotions. But I like the axiom that you animals are not even half an inch "beyond" destruction, misery, bad ends, just and rightful human retaliation and the unseen acts of God that insurance companies fearfully respect.

You will all swim to the bottom of the ocean. Try and die. For all you rubbish we had to watch I will come out as the greatest beneficiary of it all. I might even play on your graves, even though your filthy carcasses and remains should just be thrown away ceremoniously in carbon trash bags.

Be happy!    

Monday, 6 March 2017

░▒▓█ China and Russia Risk UK Deception

Just yesterday Russia's media sputnik broadcast the UK "revealing" that it never saw "Russia" as "the enemy". While that may be heartwarming courtesy, but the government is saying so because the United Kingdom excluding the Republic of Ireland in principality has finally exited the European Union despite being its major sponsor all along so they are now on their own and in the climate of economic freedom and economic uncertainty afterwards they are now engaging and exploring new markets and economic possibilities to feed their female monarch - a political system that both China and Russia fully uninstalled due to their disappointing and unimpressive management skills - and stay alive even before they can say "relevant" on the world stage.

I believe China would find ways to squeeze the opium-peddling ex-imperialists - who once created a notorious British Empire for which "the sun never sets" that still wondrously and miraculously set with the inevitable return of their last lucrative overseas man-made emporium Hong Kong island to China under Chinese demand directly after sundown and before The End they have begun needing permission from new imperialist vermin the United States that they used to rule for military actions worldwide including especially the Falkland Islands dispute against far away Argentina - with new deals signed and probably Russia that defied impotent US sanctions over a dispute with Ukraine with a successful historical gas deal signed with China could also do the same to the combined country they also call "Great Britain" excluding the Republic of Ireland in principality that once also-ruled but is now economically performing much worse than all members of the bloc they named the "British Commonwealth" they left problems that exist till today after granting them independence.

The UK and the chimera they created that is the US are hypocritical imperialists - birds of the same feather despite the shift in power.

Their stunning transformation towards impoverishment aside, do not be deceived by their low cunning regardless.

Friday, 24 February 2017

░▒▓█ Brokeback Tiger Rural at Lucky Number 652 Should Accept His Fate and Return to His Village

I am convinced we have seen more than enough of him, even though common event organisers would want to - cynically or otherwise - sellout tickets on every hopeless one's laughably-incredible wet dream of seeing him come back and play as a token HALF-black on equal settings with the other established white ghost and other kind of names in the sport in front of pretty big sponsors and media like the good old days. He has recently said "the greatest thing that could happen is to not be remembered*", so we should sit idly by and respect his wish, and let him be forgotten in an era where people's memories of the famous are short and adjustable if not also for the purpose of personal entertainment.

He enjoyed himself with lots of positive feedback in the decadent 00s, has done his best to his family he is faithless to, his diners he doesn't care about and the sport he was lucky to spend his babyhood preparing for unlike the common people who are still figuring their way in college and adulthood so he can calmly just do it; throw it all up in the air, let the chips fall where they may and rest in peace.

*When Tiger Rural lives and messes life up like washed up corporate whore pawn Miley Sairus deviating from official narratives as proper and dedicated individuals of course he'd say that. It's not a "safe haven" for the "kids to learn and grow": it's his safe haven to try redeem himself in society by offering the kids opportunities to learn and grow.

So instead of the insignificant Masters, he should go for the Mistresses while he still can.

Rabbit! I didn't realise my future self has a future!

场捧来智同和胞同位各谢感 █▓▒░

                                                                     激感达表家大向能才何如知不 语难是真我
                                                    头苦些了吃也  墙石了翻推而客博傻的我看了为们你
                                                             好真那话的真是诺 吧心的我解了们你为因是说
好更得过会大家信想也我  家国的来未和能潜展发有个是国中们我为任是就身本我
                                                                                                 快愉活生 真成想梦家大祝


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

░▒▓█ Chief of Army Submits Letter to the Editor in relation to an article by Recalcitrant Ian McPhedran (Behave or Else)

I didn't realise unethical and unscrupulous sham writers exist in oceania. If you dare tell China to behave, then you should learn to behave first. And in your own home.

To the Editor,

It was with the greatest disappointment and dismay that I read Ian McPhedran’s article in your newspaper this morning, releasing the name of our most recent combat fatality before official release by Defence and by his family. The Army and the Defence Force have well established protocols for the release of names and personal details in these circumstances; protocols with which your journalists are very familiar but have clearly chosen to ignore.  

The family in this instance, whose lives are currently consumed with their own grief, had asked Army to wait to release his details so that they could deal with this terrible loss in their way. You have robbed them of this right. Such actions are unconscionable and un-Australian. Our only concern is a desire to look after those of the grieving family of a courageous soldier. Their trust has been betrayed by the selfish act of a journalist intent on being ‘the first’.

D.L Morrison


Chief of Army

04 July 2012

It looks like you still haven't with your wretched self and silence.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

░▒▓█ Crisis Management

The unprecedented but still-insane downward-spiralling crash had many people, particularly the Japaneet-adoring coolies of the sing-a-pole, wondering, weeping, whelping, whining. The usual. These families of the dead were dead set on challenging the Amerikkkan finding and corresponding company efforts and were fiercely begging to reopen the case.

I grimaced as I dusted lint off my sleeve, real or imagined. I had to come down from my nice office, and disrupt my quiet, private Chinese Checkers session - minesweeper has gone vogue - with my cute college-undergraduate secretary for this?

Oh we knew the reason, and the dead pilot who caused this unnecessary media headline, but investigations revealed insufficient evidence and as officials we were advised by the seniors and the top brass in an emergency - but informal - meeting this morning not to admit or reveal anything other than reiterating condolences and payouts in the corporate statement, and for an extra ball, continuing to let the foreign investigators do their work and conclude on miscellaneous compensation.

It was unpleasant dealing with a large number of the victims er, the families of the victims. Not surprisingly, they were deaf to reason, they wanted money, they wanted more money, and they also seemed to want the dead to rise from the dead. These activists were screaming and protesting. Nothing is ever enough, for the state and the undying octogenerian 的死不老 that took such great pains to rear these ingrates and gave them their fortunes and made them what they are. I sounded like I am addressing the nation, but at least half from only the former is true.

So unlike the menial worker combines at the "local" level the westerners, koreans and japanese were more understanding and accepting of whatever handouts the company planned for them. The only surprising thing that I care about is: hardly any Chinese or Reunionese or Russians were unlucky or stupid enough to be on the flight, though a couple of frogs were. Smart. Rebels among them would be dealt later, but I maintain a view that they don't deserve to be on this confounded flight that turned many hopes and dreams into deaths and nightmares. Among the nameless corpses there was one mongrel coolie renegade who talked about looking at world glamour through stamp-studded eyes of voluntary callgirlship among her other actually shameless forms of wanting to undermine social dignity but probably her mortality statistic was a good thing. It was hard to feel sorry for a troll and an unwelcome upstart to human values especially when coolies as I was convinced needed hard and lifeless rule, and concentration camps to improve their concentration on serving the state.

Looking at the local demonstrators' anus faces - the reason why me and a couple of others had to come down from our ivory towers and burst our bubbles that actually harboured the nice things - made me sick and burn inside. They are the parvenues, the nouvelle riche, the barely-came-ups who still have a spot of excrement on each of their shoes no matter what they think they are. Worse, they are ugly, stupid, worthless, rude - the country's graciousness campaign thru-the-years was a profound waste of money - and they were screaming demands at us and the air in predictable descension like stray animals.

The press has already arrived of course, and a member of the political opposition also presented himself unannounced, that same questionable guy who is using this to harden his position as a saviour of the people shortly after being barred from the bench - no being barred from practising law for half-a-decade after being arrested for shoplifting in a convenience store during rush hour. The recovered items unbelievably were cigarettes and beer instead of peppermint and bread. As a lawyer he brought shame to his industry and never contributed to the well-being of society in any way. Anyway, have fun, and keep trying to get into parliament with your parlour acts you snake.

After we delivered the joint statement on behalf of the subsidiary airline - I personally believed less in it after the stunt and intended to sell all my stocks tomorrow - the opposition wannabe approached me during questions and answers. With reporters zooming in I let the "avenger" have a brief say about the need for "accountability", "transparency", a few other concepts I couldn't remember, as well as "justice for the victims". Trying not to laugh I also covered my slight yawn in the process, and when he was done I smiled and shook his hand, saying that we will work together and strive for the desired outcomes. With that the conference came to an end, but the coolies' howlings continued to my irritation.

I wanted to speak with my inspector friend I recognised among the police, who was busy overseeing the crowd with his subourdinates, so I walked over and just gave the poor chap a pat on the back and wished him the best. He acknowledged and said the same. Then I gave the junior and security officers an empathetic look wringing my wrists and they also shook their heads, grinning and in resignation.

We all knew what we were getting. Regardless nothing would change, and for us officials we are all hires surrendered to company policy so nobody wants to be martyrs and People's Representatives and change anything and make life difficult for anybody either. Hurray for outgrowing school!

With the corporate objective hampered - made into a nice-looking hamper for show - me and my colleagues left for the lift lobby, all totally indifferent, sleepy and trying to get back into state by discussing our plans for the weekend when I suddenly felt something purring in my pocket. It was my pussy cat.

Excusing myself with an imaginary wish to smoke I walked into the stairway and instead answered the call. The high schoolgirl told me her class has just ended, and she would arrive at the same place naked. Voicing no objections I gave her a kiss through the speaker as I walked a storey up. Just as I closed the door the lift arrived. Some fool had pressed for it and then gave up. One more hour of endurance test and I could leave the building.

So I got in and flashed the pin card and hit the button. Other games are waiting, the real millennium is coming, and life is beautiful.

The best low-sales game in its legacy. Only because of the user-unfriendly but cheap tkd goof made user-friendly and the narcissistic but useless nazi boss who worked hard to end the nestum story with his stupidity.

The coolie island's shameless copying of the glass-faced "Hundred Flowers Campaign", and its citizens no I mean denizens no I actually mean bowels being encouraged to spy on and report each other just like it was during the chaotic and disturbing times of the communist leader.

If people could learn to fly a long time ago then there would be no need for aeroplanes.